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Custom decks, railings and stairs

Cuboid Renovation offers the supply and installation of custom decks, railings, and staircases. We offer a wide range of variety to our customers.

CUSTOM Railings

Railing Options

We offer quality supply and expert installation for a variety of styles and materials, that includes glass , aluminum, cable, steel and wood railings

Aluminum railing 05


Aluminum railings are a popular choice known for their durability and versatility. These railings offer a practical solution with low maintenance requirements. With their sleek and modern design, aluminum railings can enhance the look of your deck, porch, or staircase while ensuring security and performance.

Frameless glass railing 01


Frameless designs offer maximum visibility. They can be done using various methods, such as spigots, standoff pins, or a base shoe system. Alternatively, framed glass railings offer a lower price while still maintaining transparency.

Cable railing 13 + Composite deck + Stair + Composite tread


These railings are designed with stainless steel cables and sturdy posts to create a modern and minimalist look. Cable railings are ideal for those who prefer clean lines and clear views. You have the flexibility to customize the materials of the posts and top rails, including wood, aluminum, or stainless steel.

Composite railing 19 + Composite deck


Composite and vinyl railings from Trex and TimberTech offer a modern and stylish railing option. They are durable, low maintenance, and enhance the overall look of any space.

Iron railing 15


Steel railings are a strong and durable option, known for their classic look. They can be customized to fit many design preferences, including the possibility of incorporating a wood top rail for added warmth.

Wood railing 08


Wood railings bring a natural beauty to your space. Crafted from high-quality wood materials, these railings bring warmth and charm. With their timeless appeal, wood railings add a classic and inviting look to your deck, porch, or staircase. They provide both style and functionality while creating a cozy atmosphere.

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