Cuboid Renovation

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Popular Questions

Yes, we are insured for 5 Million Dollars against damages that may be done to your property.
Yes, We do have WorksafeBC as we have employees working on payroll. We work with licensed trade professionals (plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, etc), as well as all of our subcontractors are insured, so you are 100% covered.
Yes, Cuboid renovation and construction Ltd is a fully licensed renovation company.
We have a 1-year warranty on our projects. We will also gladly visit your home for free touch-ups in any case where we could have missed something. However, we do not cover physical damage caused after us or if there is a structural movement or damage to the house that is due to nature. Many of the products we use usually provide 25 years to a lifetime warranty.
Yes, If you need some advice or helpful tips during the design phase, we work with designers at Cuboid Studio who can help you visualize your ideas. This service will however come at an extra cost. We focus on providing innovative and unique solutions to every customer. Our team of highly talented experts works with each client, assisted by technologies like 3D rendering to present a detailed view of the entire project to customers.

Homeowners may decide to stay in their home during the renovation. It all depends on your preference and budget. However, most of our clients prefer not to live in the house especially if it’s a full home renovation for their own convenience. Regardless, if you choose to stay at the house, you are more than welcome! We always keep our clients informed through every step of the process, by meeting at the job site, video conferencing and phoning, and providing open communication so you will be 100% involved and up to date.

Price quotes are usually sent within a couple of days following the request. Depending on the complexity and the number of trades involved, this could be longer. If there are many trades participating, then we need to make sure all parties are on the same page and we can adjust the workload accordingly to give an accurate price quote. We prefer not to rush to avoid having to add extras later on in the project.

Every home renovation project does not require a building permit. You only need a building permit when you want to change the structure of the house, or add anything that didn’t exist prior. If you renovate your pre-existing kitchen or remodel your bathroom with new flooring or a paint job, for example, you likely will not need a building permit for those relatively smaller design changes. However, if you want to renovate your home in a Strata building you need to get permission from the Strata council for even smaller changes. 

Our payment structure usually is 30%, 40%, 30% + materials (unless agreed otherwise). For smaller and faster projects, you could see a payment process asking for 50% at the start, and 50% + materials at the end.

The first piece of advice we offer on how to prepare before a renovation is to have a clear picture of what you’d like to change and see in your renovation.

– Create a plan! It is much easier to work and follow an outlined course of action. Of course, we can add, remove and change things along the way, but at least you will have the big picture of what you’d like to have. Know what you want and what will meet your personal needs best.
– Know your budget and share it with your contractor. We are here in your best interest of you! We are only looking to provide you with an estimate and there is no bonding or obligations. A contractor will help you understand if your budget is feasible for your project. For example, if your budget is $20,000 and you’d like to have a new kitchen, bathroom, flooring and paint the house, this is likely not enough. At the same time, if you want a new bathroom, repaint the house and new flooring, and your budget is $150,000 this is probably way too much and you will end up spending quite a lot less than you may have expected.
– Decide where you’re going to stay. If you’re gutting the house, likely for the majority of the renovation project, the house will not be in a livable condition for you and your family. Make sure you have a plan and place to stay if needed